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A robust fundraising strategy is a must for every successful nonprofit, yet many nonprofit leaders struggle to find their footing in this regard. Major Donor cultivation can provide the greatest return for nonprofit leaders’ investment in time, but many are uncomfortable with “making the ask.”  It is crucial that your nonprofit staff and board have the ability, training, and tools to share their passion for your mission with prospects and donors.

Partnering with Executive Directors, CEOs, key staff members and volunteers, LCH Consulting guides non-profit leaders through strategic planning challenges to:


  • Demystify the fundraising process for your leadership team, identify the most effective strategies, and assist with training and support for your staff and volunteers.

  • Help to develop your messaging, create individual donor strategies, coach your leadership, and support your frontline fundraisers every step of the way.

  • Assess existing giving programs and identify adjustments that will create a structured approach to fundraising and a pipeline for major donor identification and cultivation.

  • Conduct a thorough board assessment to identify current board capacity for development work and determine where opportunities for building capacity may exist.

  • Assess your current tool-kit and partner with your organization to ensure you have the best systems in place to support your fundraising activities. These include donor tracking software, communication pieces including thank you letters and sample outreach messaging, and a system to manage grant submissions and reporting timelines and outcomes.


"I have worked with so many people during my 40 plus years of media and non profit associations, and never have I run across someone as mighty as Laura... During a transition time at the Happy Hollow Foundation, she opened up new channels for fundraising, introduced us to new game changers and improved every aspect of our operations. Her energy, passion and know how is contagious and made an immediate difference. Her knowledge and creativity is exceptional. She left us in such a good place!!!!"

- Lissa Kreiser, Board of Directors and Advancement Committee Member, Happy Hollow Foundation
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